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1950 Oldsmobile "88"

Original Rocket V-8 Motor

This car is all stock down to the 6 volt system.

     This is the car Jackie Brenston sang about when he said....

You may have heard of jalopies
You've heard the noise they make
But let me introduce you to my Rocket '88

      Some say that's the first Rock N' Roll song ever recorded & some say this is the first Muscle car ever built. In its day, this was the fastest thing on the street, running the 1/4 mile in an impressive 19.9 seconds, beating the socks off the hopped up flat heads.

    The previous owner bought this car in 1973 and has restored it twice in the time he had it. It has been sitting in a garage somewhat ignored for a few years now and will need a little TLC to be cruise ready again. I know it needs a break adjustment, maybe a brake hose. Possibly a radiator and deffinately a tune up & some shocks. All minor stuff. The car itself, starts, runs & drives and the original gauges are working.

   This is a well kept, solid car that's just about ready to go out to the car shows again.

Priced right at only $ 14,900