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That's me, Clay, out in the barn just doin' what I do...


My son Sebastian, sharing in the fun... 

      Since I was a kid I’ve had a passion for old cars. Some guys are brand loyal, but I could never make a commitment to any single brand.

   I bought my first car at the age of 14. It was '65 VW bug. I paid 250 bucks for it and fixed it up and sold it for 650. I had fun in the process and came out a few dollars ahead, so I did this again, and again, and again... It was really just a hobby. Buying, fixing & selling. There's a little bit of a gambling addiction that comes along with it because it's risky and you don't always win, and still you keep playing the game.

   At the age of 42, I had the opportunity to open up a used car lot. I knew nothing about the used car business. Aside from flipping 2 or 3 cars a year as a hobby, I had no experience in the car business, nor did anyone I knew, so each day I'm learning something new.  I originally founded my little car dealership as a catch all. I didn't want to specifically sell just cars because who knows what other opportunities might come my way, so I gave it a generic name "Dixie Trading Co."  it kind of fits wherever I want it to. Originally when I opened my doors, I wanted to specialize in antique cars, classics, hot-rods & muscle cars. You'll see most of these on my website under the "sold cars" tab. Most of these cars have been shipped all over the world. Not too many locals here in Currituck County had the spare change for toys like these, but what I did notice over time is that our locals have a need for basic affordable transportation. Many people would stop in to admire some of the old cars but then would ask if I could find them a Honda civic or some cheap late model economy car. That wasn't really my cup of tea, but they had a demand and I began to cater to it. So, that's why you'll see some of the newer vehicles in our inventory from now on. I'm still going to play with the classic cars as I always have, but I've dialed it back to a hobby level for now and just going to focus on the little daily drivers that everyone around here wants. 

    I hope that you've enjoyed reading this and now you know... the rest of the story.




A life long dream ...


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