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1987 Porsche 944 Turbo, also known as the 951

Black on Black

Only 72,000 original miles.

20 years of service records kept. 

This car has been meticulously maintained & always garage kept. 

I drive this car on a regular basis, so the mileage may increase. 

This is a rare find, as most 951's, were extensively modified and driven hard at the track. This car has had neither experiances, it is 100% bone stock down to the Blaupunkt cassette player. 

Since I've been driving the car, the car has been 100% functional with features like cold A/C, cruise control, power windows, etc... it all works like it did 30 years ago. 

The car is not fast by todays "Hell-Cat" standards, but it is quick and pulls hard when the turbo spools up and is incredibly forgiving on hair pin turns, which is what these cars are known for. If you know your Porsches, then you'll know this is the car that really hurt 911 sales. With some moderate tuning, it would out perform the base 911 at half the cost. This car was sometimes referred to as the poor mans Porsche, which was kind of true with the entry level 944, but by 1987, this car with the turbo was pushing 30,000 which was quite a bit in '87. Fast forward 31 years later, these cars are transitioning from being an old used car to a collector car. Given the well preserved, "survivor" status of this one, you'd be hard pressed to find another one for less money. 

Asking price $ 19,500

for what it's worth, there's an '86 model on a popular auction site, almost identical to this one. ( back / black , low mileage survivor, a very good comp) They're asking 23,000  for it. They had sent it over to a dealers only auction. I was there to see what it fetched... the bidding started at 15k and went up to 18,000 but did not meet reserve. They still have it.  I think an offer of 18k coming from another dealer was a strong offer, but apparently they know where the value on these cars are going.  ( that's just my 2 cents for a comp on the value )