Here's some of the cool Vintage stuff I've found over the years.  These are all items out of my personal collection that I've accumulated over years of yard sales & auctions.

1950's Steiff Rock & Roll Bear.

disconnects from rockers so you can roll it around. Also has working pull string for the bear growl.

Very Good Condition piece, would look great in any room.

$ 495

1950's Pepsi Clock

Keeps time & lights up.

$ 450

1970's Weltron Space Helmet

AM - FM with 8-Track player

Plastics are bright white.

Radio & 8-track player works & sounds great.

Comes with a period correct Village People 8 track.

$ 225

Original 1941 Porcelain Coca-Cola sign.

In Very Good Condition

$ 695


1978 Star Wars 12" Storm Trooper

New In Box

box has some imperfections & is missing the UPC code, but still a nice piece.

$ 300

Vintage Toys

70's New In Box U-Haul truck $ 225

70's New In Box,  Big Jim Sports Camper $ 85

Trading Company

Vintage StarWars

1979 IG-88 12" figure, new in box, with all accessories. Plastic window is not unglued or repaired.

UPC code uncut

box has minor imperfections but over all very well preserved.

Comes in a custom made acrylic case. It was removed from the case for photos.

If you know anything about collecting vintage Star Wars stuff, then you know this is one of those uber rare pieces. I wouldn't call it a "holy grail" kind of piece, but it's up there close to it.

$ 1,500

1960's Dubble Bubble Pepsi Clock

In excellent condition.

Keeps time & lights up.

$ 495

The Coca-Cola Cop

This is the real deal, not the re-pop. It's got dents, dings, scratches & even a few bullet holes, but it's the authentic 1962 AM sign, with the correct Coca-Cola base. This sign is for the entry level collector who wants the real thing but can't swing 10 grand on a mint condition sign or even 5k on a fair condition sign. Asside from the bumps & bruises, it does have nice color that pops and still looks great in any collection.

Priced at only $ 1,750